60 seconds with our Digital Marketing Exec James Waite

So, James, you’re the most millennial of all of us here at Bluehat Develops- a whopping 97% score on the test!  What do you think did it?
A few of the questions implied that millennials were quite tech savvy, which is part and parcel of my job. I think being digitally enabled and holding liberal and less traditional values might have got me the extra high mark!?
Where did the other 3% go?!
If I had a tongue piercing and played a lot of Call of Duty I think I’d have gotten a full house.
You’re 28- Tell us about your professional journey so far.
I started off training as a journalist and then moved into recruitment to fund my first digital marketing diploma with the CIM; from there I did SEO for an online pharmacy in a retail park in Feltham (those were not the days). I was 24 then and I’ve stayed in online marketing and moved up from there.
What’s your next goal?
I always want to learn more, which is well suited to the role I’m in, as it’s always evolving and the goal posts are forever changing. I just recently completed another diploma, with the IDM. So the next goal is to hopefully do the next course up which focuses more on strategic direction as opposed to implementation.
Do you have any advice for others aspiring to work in digital marketing?
Keep your ear to the ground and read industry publications. Econsultancy’s daily newsletter is full of useful nuggets of information.
What’s your biggest mistake so far? (It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone..)
Haha, professionally it would probably be that I’ve never worked as part of a larger marketing team. I’ve been a bit of a one man band so far which gives you great autonomy, but the sharing of ideas and brainstorming with peers is lost.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about leadership?
Probably to listen to people, I read this article the other day on leading with emotional intelligence. Employees aren’t robots and building rapport with your colleagues that transcends the stereotypes of the corporate world will enable you to lead pragmatically and compassionately, which I think employees appreciate. (I should probably shamelessly promote team building at this stage as a great way to build these bonds with staff!)
What’s important to you?
Career security and progression, at this stage in my life.
What’s your favourite kind of fun? (keep it clean!)
I’m pretty boring really. I enjoy exercising, playing football. Oh, and of course, listening and dreadfully attempting to mix drum and bass.