The word is on everyone’s lips, in all clever talks, and is worrying the minds of many a capable L&D professional. Part hype, part genuine concern: It is important that we get the leadership development of this baffling cohort of workers right.


Baby-Ipad-(2) Baffling, you say? From what you read and hear that’s the impression you get, isn’t it? That millennials may as well be a completely different species to all of humanity that came before, a species that are born with a phone grafted to one hand and the attention span of a- oooh look, a panda sneezing on the internet!


We’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and our conclusion is that it isn’t all that bad. Our current thinking is that they are humans after all. In fact, we believe millennials make fantastic leaders. That conviction is what inspired Bluehat Develops, which launches this week powered by the veteran L&D team at Bluehat Group. Our aim is to never leave you without ideas on how to help emerging leaders fulfil their potential. Check out our leadership games and workshops, and let us know what you think!