Hi Tori! Thanks for being our millennial of the month. What year were you born?
I’m a 90s baby and was born in 1995.


So that makes you 21 years old. Tell us about your professional journey so far.
Whilst I was finishing high school I worked part-time as a bartender and in a hairdressers. I really enjoyed both jobs because I love talking to people! Although, I have to admit, having your hair done is much nicer than doing other peoples.


When I went to University, I carried on working in a cocktail bar and nightclub in Lincoln. Whilst I really enjoyed my job I had to be really organised to keep on top of my Uni work alongside working late nights.


I also volunteered a lot whilst I was at University, helping to organise and put on events. My favourite event I helped organise was a red carpet media and arts award ceremony with special guests such as Rick Senat, the former Warner Bros Senior Vice President. The night was full of glitz and glam and receiving such positive feedback from guests afterwards made all the hard work worth it.


In June, I started my first full-time job at Bluehat as an Agency Account Executive. I’ve loved every minute of it so far and can’t wait to see where the future takes me.


What’s your next goal?
To learn as much as possible. I’ve never worked in sales before and it’s safe to say, you face some challenging obstacles on a daily basis, but I like a challenge. I work with such an amazing team who have loads of experience and I hope by learning from them, I can work on my weaknesses and develop my own skills to constantly improve.


Do you have any advice for others aspiring to work in the events industry?
Get involved wherever you can. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the event, getting as much experience as possible will help you have a wider understanding of how the industry works. My biggest piece of advice though would be to ask questions (and lots of them!). I’m sure I drive my team mad with the amount of questions I ask on a daily basis but if you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to say so!


What’s your biggest mistake so far? 
My biggest mistake so far would be doubting myself. Nothing can stand in the way of you and where you want to be and you always need to remember that. You can achieve anything if you really put your mind to it.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about leadership?
My Dad has always said that a good leader is constantly looking to the future. Once you know where you want to be, you can break down the steps you need to take in order to get there. He also said you can’t be a great leader without a great team behind you. It’s important to make those around you feel valued as you can achieve so much more together than you can alone.


What’s important to you?
Being happy. Life is too short so you need to make the most of it!


What’s your favourite kind of fun? 
I love spending time with my family and friends but if I could describe what true happiness and fun is to me, it would involve being surrounded by dogs!