Hi Bianca! Thanks for being our millennial of the month. What year were you born?
I was born in 1992.


So that makes you 24 years old. Tell us about your professional journey so far.
When I was young my parents owned a supermarket where I would help out – it wasn’t necessarily a job but I considered it to be. At the age of 16 I was a summer camp monitor due to my active involvement in sport and enjoying working with children. Once at University in the UK and only returning home to Portugal for the holidays, I took it upon myself to find a summer job – I began working in a club as a bartender and I did this for two consecutive years.


As part of my degree I was encouraged to complete a placement year; without a fuss I sought out an opportunity with the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando, Florida. I was successful  and completed a six and a half month placement programme as a Front Desk Cashier at Animal Kingdom Lodge (one of the most gorgeous Resorts I’ve had the pleasure of visiting). Following this I returned home to Portugal and completed a final three months at the Hilton Resort in Vilamoura, Algarve as part of the Events Operational Team.


In my final year I was presented with the opportunity to participate in the national wide Eventice Competition – I was fortunate enough to win the Competition and secure a job at the Bluehat Group as an Account Executive. I have been with the company for over a year and have been promoted to Account Manager.


What’s your next goal?
To continue my development, with a focus on my weaknesses, understanding how I can improve in areas of discomfort and take on more roles and responsibilities. I believe the world is my oyster and that opportunities are made to be taken!


Do you have any advice for others aspiring to work in the events industry?
The events industry is like no other, there are so many different things you can do and it is important to find your fit! Go for every opportunity that arises and never be scared to ask/want more because the industry has the power to offer exactly that, more.


What’s your biggest mistake so far? 
My biggest mistake so far would be not taking advantage of opportunities right from the get go. Being scared was my biggest mistake.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about leadership?
Someone once said, “a good leader does not focus on the end goal, they have it in sight and envision the exciting journey to get there and together they make it happen!”. This really stuck with me, it is often easier said than done but when it is possible it is a whole lot more exciting!


What’s important to you?
On a professional level I value development, opportunities for growth, exciting and interesting experiences and staying true to my values! I strongly believe that in order to truly be happy in a role all of the above is of the essence – fit is crucial!


What’s your favourite kind of fun? 
Sports/Games with friends and family! Being able to spend time with those I care about most in a fun and active way whether that be through sports, board games or simply days in the park.