Last year, Bianca Ferreira joined Bluehat Group as an Account Manager after winning the Eventice, an Apprentice–style competition aimed at final year event management students, for which we provide the interactive activities. A year on, Bianca reflects on her experiences and shares her perspective on this immersive approach to graduate recruitment, as well as talking to this year’s winner, Victoria Bell.

image1It’s difficult to believe that my journey as an Eventice applicant began over a year ago and ended in a life-changing opportunity – a position in the Bluehat Team. My experience at the Eventice 2015 truly represented the start of what I knew would be a challenging yet exciting opportunity to begin the next chapter of my life. Acting as an observer in this year’s competition brought back so many exciting memories and at times made me just want to jump in and get involved – I had to hold back!
The Eventice has become a ‘must do’ for many final year Event Management students across the UK to showcase their skills in a demanding, fast-paced and ever-changing environment. When asked, I always say that the Eventice competition was unlike anything I have ever experienced before – we were put through two intense days of training which I consider gave us all a little insight as to what we were getting ourselves into.

Bluehat Group has supported the running of the Eventice for six years and has acted as a recruiter for the past three. The event gives fifteen dedicated, creative and outgoing students the opportunity to put themselves in front of some of the most influential events companies in the industry at the International Confex Exhibition.

image2This year’s winner, Victoria Bell from the University of Lincoln, described her experience to me like this: “The Eventice was such an amazing opportunity to get myself out there and showcase what I have to offer the events industry. It’s a great platform to help students get their foot in the door and I’ve met so many incredible people along the way. I can’t wait to join the Bluehat Group in June and begin my next chapter.”

As another Eventice competition comes to an end, Bluehat Group is currently home to three Eventice winners and we cannot wait to welcome Victoria with open arms as I have no doubt she is going to be an ever-growing asset to the team.