Our first open FreshBiz™ workshop


It’s a rainy April day in the heart of Bloomsbury, and a group of strangers are about to meet for the first time. They have been called together from across the country to undertake a very important activity: To play a board game.


As the guests arrive, they are greeted by at least five fully uniformed bell boys and porters on the steps of our host hotel, the Montague. Our L&D VIPs are then guided through the sumptuous entrance hall, past the tea parlour where an old dear is reading the newspaper (have we time-travelled?), down the stairs, shedding soggy layers in the gilded and mirrored cloakroom, and into the Great Russell Suite.


Hands are shaken, smiles are exchanged, remarks are made about the weather. Players choose their tables, and Sean, our Learning and Development Director, welcomes everyone. We laugh- and then it gets serious. Sean introduces the Abundance Paradox: We have almost limitless resources, yet are we living fulfilled lives?


The problem, Sean says, could be that we play fear-based games. Even a game like Monopoly has to have losers, but so does, for example, the game which is our educational system. One of the guests looks very contemplative. “And you thought you were just going to play a board game!” Sean jokes.


But “just” playing games is a powerful way to shift mindsets. “They guide what and how we learn, so it’s important that we’re aware of the games we’re playing, because they teach us about money, success, competition, ambition and values,” Sean tells us.


With lots of food for thought, the guests start playing. We don’t want to give too much away in case you get the chance to play for yourself, but that shift in mindset we’re talking about- it definitely happened!


“My thought process changed dramatically from the beginning to end of the game,” says one of the Learning and Development professionals we invited. Another:  “A very insightful and engaging session. We loved the game, it really did get us thinking about how to better manage resources and the importance of taking a step back to realise what is actually at our disposal.”


We have a second open workshop like this one coming up in May. Entry is free, so if you work in HR or L&D and FreshBiz TM sounds like it could be your thing, please do get in touch with Sean and Elisa.


The Abundance Paradox and the concept of fear-based games are explained in more detail in Ronen Gafni and Simcha Gluck’s book The New Entrepreneurz 


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