Once in while we like spending some quality time with a cup of tea and Google (Scholar), refreshing ourselves on the literature that’s out there on leadership development for millennials. This time our eye fell on these 6 pieces of advice from Carsten and Beck, specifically aimed at those designing training for this generation:

1. Forget about formal instruction
2. Lean heavily on trial-and-error
3. Include lots of learning from peers and virtually none from authority figures
4. Go for bite-sized, delivered just before putting skills into practise
5. Allow for risk-taking in a safe environment
6. Provide a skill which is both meaningful and perceived as having value

Sound extreme or hard to implement? According to Eric and Loredana Werth, it’s easy, as long as you’re using one key ingredient: “The use of educational games can easily integrate all of these ideas and promote an educational environment where lecture is no longer the central instructional method.” That chimed with us for obvious reasons! Especially FreshBiz and our Active Leadership Challenge tick all of these boxes, which we’re pretty proud about. Check them and our other games out in our portfolio and give us a shout if you’d like to talk about ways you could engage and develop your millennials!

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